First Creative Portfolio Post


This is the first installment of my creative process portfolio. As I progress this semester, I expect my skills to grow from this rudimentary animation level, made simply by following a tutorial, to the point where I can use my own set of skills and will have mastered Animate CC to complete all the steps of a successful animation. It will become more clear what this entails as I venture through this journey.

I made this! (by following this tutorial) In the testing window, his arms pump and I definitely did the work to make his arms move but for some reason it didn’t come along when I exported it to this .gif file 😦 I am posting it with the mistake because I believe it’s important to be perfectly candid with my audience so that my growth and artistic journey can be fully seen and understood. It wouldn’t be a creative process portfolio if I didn’t have ample space to improve! Next time will just have to be better 🙂


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