Creative Portfolio Post 5


Another animation made in Photoshop! As you can see, there are more things happening in this image than there were in the last gif. Last time, the girl was blinking and the lights got smaller/larger with time but this one has real (kind of) movement! There’s a lot of layer acrobatics with this one, but using Photoshop is helpful because you get to choose what you want to be visible or invisible by clicking on the eye symbol with each layer. You can use these to choose which group of layers you want to be visible with every frame you create. For example, I had a group of layers where the pasta guy had his arms a certain way and then another layer group with a different pose. I made one group visible while the other group was invisible, then “duplicated” the visible layers into a frame in the Photoshop timeline. Then, I unselected those layers and made visible the group that had a different arm pose. With this new layer group, I added another frame. There was a similar process for the man’s mouth and the squiggly words.