Making 3 and 4 hole stitch books

Above are three pictures detailing the process of making a 3 hole stitch book. For the paper, I used 3 different sheets of green, blue, and purple paper. I wanted this little book to coordinate based on cool colors. For the same reason, I twisted together green, blue, and purple pipe cleaners to create the binding. As the name implies, you have to poke 3 holes in the crease of the folded pages and then use some sort of string, cord, yarn, etc to sew it all together. I made a little bow on the back of my book because I had extra pipe cleaner length, but ideally you would just make a knot and call it a day.

These 3 pictures show the process of creating a 4 hole stitch book. As you can guess, there are 4 holes in this version. For this book, I went with a neutral values color scheme and used cream/brown twine to stitch it all together. The 4 hole stitch book is definitely more complicated than the process to make a 3 hole stitch book, but I’d say it binds nicely and seems a little more professional.