3D Printing Process

In this age of rapidly advancing technology, it’s astounding how easy it is to bring something from your mind into reality with 3D printing. The other day, I took a trip down to the Kimmel makerspace here on campus. Using Tinkercad, I quickly put together a model of a sphere with an S on one side. I added a ring to the top to create a sort of Christmas ornament object. When I made the model, I was aware it would be small. Later on, when importing the STL file onto the Makerbot application to print it out, I was told by one of the helpers there that it would be about 20 mm. Still, I did not want to make it any bigger because I thought it would be fun and small. When it came out about half an hour later, it was very small! Just as expected. What I didn’t expect, however, is that the ring on top didn’t come out right, maybe because it was so small and weak, so now that part is kind of broken. When I get home I’ll try to use a hot glue gun or something to connect the ring back together, but until then it’s a little lacking in functionality. Maybe next time I’ll use a reasonable size.


Tour of On Campus MakerSpace Reflection

These pictures are from the Kimmel MakerSpace on Syracuse University campus. The picture on the left shows a 3D printer, although this one specifically is different than the other kind that there are more of in the space. It’s pretty bare and minimal which allows people to see the mechanisms of how it operates. The picture in the middle serves as an example of what a 3D printer can create. These are 3D printed figures of bulbasaur, charmander, and squirtle, which I thought was neat. The picture all the way on the right has a printer that can make stickers.

These three pictures are all of the embroidery machine. Looking at all the scraps and tester pieces of cloth to see what this machine could do made me want to make something with it too. There are clearly a lot of options of color and content and so many different surfaces to embroider.

This tour of the makerspace was very helpful and interesting. It was interesting to find out that there are so many resources available to students that most don’t even know about. After going to see this, I thought I would definitely come back to use the resources. I haven’t gone back yet because I haven’t really thought of something good enough to make and I want to make sure that what I create in the MakerSpace is something really neat.