3D Printing Process

In this age of rapidly advancing technology, it’s astounding how easy it is to bring something from your mind into reality with 3D printing. The other day, I took a trip down to the Kimmel makerspace here on campus. Using Tinkercad, I quickly put together a model of a sphere with an S on one side. I added a ring to the top to create a sort of Christmas ornament object. When I made the model, I was aware it would be small. Later on, when importing the STL file onto the Makerbot application to print it out, I was told by one of the helpers there that it would be about 20 mm. Still, I did not want to make it any bigger because I thought it would be fun and small. When it came out about half an hour later, it was very small! Just as expected. What I didn’t expect, however, is that the ring on top didn’t come out right, maybe because it was so small and weak, so now that part is kind of broken. When I get home I’ll try to use a hot glue gun or something to connect the ring back together, but until then it’s a little lacking in functionality. Maybe next time I’ll use a reasonable size.