Reading Response to “Fab” by Neil Gershenfeld

I think it’s astounding and amazing that the devices usually captured by sci-fi media are already available at our fingertips in this time period and are on their way to becoming more available. Also interesting was the creative process documented by the MIT students as they worked with these personal fabricators, and how they left enough behind so other people could build on their work in new and innovative ways. The comparison between a simple printer creating an image and this revolutionary new machinery creating entire objects was shocking to me, but it’s important to remember that it’s not that far in the past that the printer would have seemed shocking too.

It was inspiring to hear of all the different uses from across the globe that came to the surface when “fab labs” were established at the different locations. Later on, when the writer noted the difference between kids receiving knowledge and actually applying it, I began getting even more excited about the future of technology and how it truly is beginning to revolutionize education more than it ever has.

I really liked seeing the applications and examples of what different people did with the personal fabricators, and even more the variety of their projects based on personal need. Another thing I think is great was seeing the amount of female producers. It’s well known that the STEM field is heavily male-dominated, and this goes to show that the gender divide is on its way to changing.


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