Rhetorical Argument Class Project

For our class project in WRT200 DIY Publishing, we made a replica Carrier Dome. The rhetorical argument we made juxtaposed the glory shone on Syracuse University with the murky conditions and environment that surrounds its namesake, the city of Syracuse. img_4684

Visible  in the picture above, there are clay figures that are trapped beneath the grand weight of the dome. They are meant to represent the people of Syracuse, cast behind and left to lurk in the shadows while the world arounds them lauds the accomplishments of our university.img_4676

This picture features more closely the faces of the symbolic figures, wrought with turmoil. The protest signs highlight some of the issues that are swept under the rug as to not distract from the high stature and esteem that the university commands.img_4685

Inside the dome is a representation of Otto the Orange, the mascot of Syracuse University, with a paragraph behind him detailing the ways that people who benefit from the privilege of Syracuse University could do their part in helping out the environment that looms nearby, often forgotten. Otto has a hand outstretched, symbolizing the university’s willingness to lend a hand and foster relations between the city and the university.