Creative Portfolio Post 8

Screenshot 2016-11-27 12.56.12.png

While working with technology that you might not completely understand, there’s always the possibility for unknown errors. While I was trying to export an animation so that I could upload it here as part of my creative portfolio, I encountered this unknown error. It quit out of all 3 working files I had open at the time, and when I booted up the program and tried the same thing again, the result was the same. While looking for a way to resolve this issue, I found this forum, in which people with the same problem are trying to find a way to fix the issue. It is important to remember that even after working with a program for what one might think is a significant amount of time, it’s near impossible to know everything that could happen. However, errors and glitches like this give the opportunity to learn and be ready for the next encounter with the unknown.


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