iPhone 4s Breakdown


First we have an iPhone 4s. Here it is, looking simple. Maybe a bit outdated. We live in a fast-paced society.IMG_4429.JPG

Here we have the top part suctioned off! Wow! There it goes. The very front is face down.img_4436Here’s the back and front of the phone with the weird mirror part up near the top of the picture. The SIM card holder is featured in this step’s picture because it’s important to take out the SIM card holder if you want to take apart the phone completely and in the right way.

img_4438Here’s the back of the phone, complete with battery. The plastic tag here says Authorized Service Provider Only but I have another four word phrase for this phone: Do It Yourself Movement. Needless to say, I proceeded.


Battery removed! And some screws taken out. iPhone 4s corpse.


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